A glitch changes everything…

With the real world in ruins, Arantor is the place of refuge: A virtual game world set in fantasy that anyone can play, but not everyone is equal. Jane has played for years but by no fault of her own is hamstrung compared to other players. All she wanted was to not be a burden on her friends. One day a glitch changes everything, but her new found power comes with a price, and soon Jane finds that there are plenty of guilds and players that will try to use her for their own gain.

Follow Jane as she navigates – and tries to avoid – the world of guild politics, and as she quests to the far ends of Arantor, to places where the rules of the game can change.

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“I though this book was utterly awesome. A fresh idea and some very irregular circumstances. I cannot wait until what happens in the next book and hope it will be out soon!!!”